Our VIsion & Mission

Our Vision

A vibrant learning community in Pittsburgh that invites Jews of varied backgrounds, affiliations, and observances to come together to wrestle with the difficult issues fundamental to Jewish life and tradition through ongoing, respectful, and serious dialogue and study that ensures the vitality of Pittsburgh’s Jewish future.

Our Mission

Create a structure that brings a diverse group of Jewish Pittsburghers together on a regular basis to learn Jewish texts through chevruta (partner) study under the guidance of a scholar from the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

Our Core Values

  • Klal Yisrael (All of the Jewish People): We work to create an inclusive environment welcoming and engaging every member of the Jewish community.
  • Ahavat Torah (Love of Learning Torah): We seek to forge passionate connections to Jewish texts and tradition with a desire to deepen our connection through ongoing study.
  • Simcha (Joy): While study requires hard work, time, and effort- study is also the source of true joy that should be celebrated.
  • Btselem Elokim (In the Image of G-d): Remembering that we are all created in G-d’s image- our discussions, while at times passionate or heated, will be deeply respectful and polite.